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La main des enfants is a Quebec non-profit organization established to defend the rights of children with respect to their health.

About Us

La Main des Enfants' symbol

The bottom is inspired by the logo of the Canadian Covid Care Alliance. The colors represent the different chakras. We find the two snakes of the caduceus of Mercury. The heads of the snakes have been cut off because we no longer want snakes and fake medicine. The hand represents the innocence of children and their joy of living. 

Where does the idea come from?

The idea for the organization La Main des Enfants came to Myriam during a symposium of Réinfo Covid. The purpose intended was to create new projects in order to continue the mobilization on different aspects. Myriam was in the 5th group of Réinfo Covid similarly to the 5 fingers of the hand. This analogy was at the origin of the name La Main des Enfants.

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